PISA, Wales and Estonia.

Y Cwricwlwm newydd … cymharu Estonia a Chymru. Blog gwych gan Richard Carbis.

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It is that time of year when we discover that our ranking has slightly improved or become worse in Wales. Better people than myself can answer how relevant the test is as a measure of success. I was and am interested in the fact that Estonia has performed so well. I began to research into the education of Estonia and I would like to share a few insights with yourselves,

The Education Act, adopted in 1992, states the following as the general goals of education: to create favourable conditions for the development of personality, family and the Estonian nation; to promote the development of ethnic minorities, economic, political and cultural life in Estonia and the preservation of nature in the global economic and cultural context; to teach the values of citizenship; and to set up the prerequisites for creating a tradition of lifelong learning nation-wide.
The extract above comes…

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