What to do with lazy boys?

Bechgyn diog – Beth i wneud? Syniadau da iawn gan athrawon wrth ei gwaith. Da iawn.

Class Teaching


Like most secondary schools, as we approach the mock exams and then the summer exams, we are spending a great deal of time thinking about and talking about Y11.  As we do, one questions seems to make an annual appearance – what are we going to do about the lazy boys?

A quick google search of ‘lazy teenage brain’ throws up a number of articles and TED talks about the differences between the teenage brain and the adult brain (as shown by MRI scans), and how these differences explain the ‘lazy teenager syndrome’.  Cognitive neuroscientist Sarah-Jayne Blakemore presents a convincing case in her TED talk, ‘The mysterious workings of the adolescent brain‘.  These ideas are also explained in this article in The Telegraph.  So does this mean that they really can’t help it and that we should just accept their laziness?  American psychologist Dr Robert Epstein suggests not. …

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