A Creative Classroom inspired by ‘The Five Habits of Mind’.

Y dosbarth creadigol.

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I had the opportunity this week of attending a course held by the ‘Arts Council of Wales’ for leading creative schools.

It was a wonderful feeling to be able to discuss, to enact and learn about the impact of the creative Classroom. Perhaps the most telling question of the whole two days was,

‘What is creativity?’

The obvious answer would be a list of the arts. Music, dance, design and art itself however such a simple list would totally miss the point of the training. We were introduced to the five habits of mind. Although I vaguely recall reading about them briefly, I hadn’t really understood or considered the powerful impact that it could have in the classroom.

Winchester University have developed an easy to read PDF file detailing their findings,

Progression in Creativity: Developing new forms of assessment – Creativity, Culture and Education

On the second day of the…

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