Running Dictation Relay Race

Gemau Iaith

The Comprehensible Classroom

Running dictation activity for language classes shared by The Comprehensible Classroom

I got this idea from Michele Whaley, who tells me that it is originally from Jason Fritze, who calls it a “Running Dictation”.

Start with a familiar story; one that you’ve already finished asking in class. Break down the story into basic plot points; between five and eight is ideal. Each of the chunks should consist of one short sentence; something that could easily be read, remembered, and repeated later on. For example:

  • The boy goes to Walmart
  • He buys a swimming pool
  • He brings home the swimming pool
  • He fills it with water
  • His arch enemy comes to visit
  • He slashes the side of the pool
  • The water spills out
  • The boy cries

If you have a complicated story with many important details, I recommend either using just a portion of the story OR using the most basic, main plot points and using the activity extension described…

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