What type of teacher are you?

Myfyrio be sy’n gwneud athro/awes da. Blog diddorol a chytbwys.

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One of my most popular posts was written about school leadership, what type of leader are you? I follow @ImpactWales and they tweeted about a blog that discussed in many ways the role of the teacher,

The notion that students will learn more if they have more control over what they learn isn’t supported by research: https://t.co/fDdZyk5Di8 by @anniemurphypaul

It caught my interest because I firmly believe that teaching is more than one technique and it started me thinking about what type of teacher I was and am. One of the greatest pleasures as a Headteacher, is the opportunity to teach. With all the expectations on our shoulders, it is nice to remind yourself why you entered the profession.

1) Planner

From my very first lesson, the importance of planning was an expectation. What I have learnt over the years is that lessons require an element of flexibility, you need…

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