Memrise – Can a quizzing app have real impact on student learning?

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Tonight’s 15 minute forum was led by English teacher, Tod Brennan.   Over the last year or so, Tod has been reflecting on the teaching approaches that used during his ITT and PGCE years.  His lessons would be planned around teaching activities, that would keep students entertained and generally having fun.  The problem was that during these lessons, students would often forget what he wanted them to remember, and remember what he really wouldn’t have minded if they forgot!  This made him think more deeply about what learning really was.  This definition seemed to make sense:

Learning is the long-term retention and transfer of knowledge and skills.

Retention = durable

Transfer = across similar domains


More recently , Tod was told about the App Memrise.  Memrise is an online learning tool, that uses principles of cognitive science, such as repetition and spacing, to help you remember things.  Essentially, teachers go onto…

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