What to do with Y11?

Adolygu – tips a syniadau.

Class Teaching

final countdown

Like most schools we provide Y11 with a range of support, outside of lessons, in the run up to the final exams – assemblies, revision sessions, parental workshops etc.  However, we all know that the people who will make the real difference between now and the exams are the teachers that see Y11, day in and day out.  So, what can us teachers of Y11 be doing in our lessons, over the next 47 school days to maximise their performance?  A few thoughts:

Refocus with a new seating plan

After the mock exams in December, the science department came up with a new seating plan for every Y11 class.  This has been hugely effective.  Seating plans are such a useful tool for teachers – and it always amazes me when they are not used.  How you arrange your seating plan is up to you, but a few tried and tested principles would…

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