Six things I tried out this year which truly enhanced my teaching

Syniadau a thechnegau i gysidro am yr ystafell ddosbarth.

The Language Gym


Here are six things that I have tried out this year which significantly enhanced my teaching and two which, whilst being much less successful, provided me with valuable insight in my students’ cognition and affect.

1. Six things that worked

1.1Teaching more verbs

The textbooks and wordlists that one finds in books and on language learning websites traditionally tend to mainly focus on nouns, occasionally throwing the odd adjective here and there. Verbs are usually grossly underrepresented in the published vocab list. However, when we talk about things and people in our daily lives we use a fair range of verbs.

Without verbs the communicative power that we provide our students with is seriously limited. It is all very well to teach students the French or Spanish words for dog, cat and other house pets; however, if we only teach them how to say ‘I have’ , ‘I…

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