10 CI Activities for when you just can’t

Syniadau CI

The Comprehensible Classroom

Do you ever just need a day? You look at your lesson plans and think, “I…just…can’t”?

A few days ago, I had a day. I got some news that knocked me out emotionally, and since I was 39 1/2 weeks pregnant (now 40 weeks pregnant…come on girl!….)…I just needed a day. I’m not teaching, but I had my three boys and my niece and I just couldn’t. Emotionally, mentally, physically…I didn’t have the energy to put on the mom show.

Recently, one of my friends shared this link on my timeline. It’s a list of activities that moms can do with their kids in order to—my words—be a good mom even when we feel like poo. And you know what? Teachers need activities like that too. Activities that allow us to be good teachers even when we’re having a bad day.

I have often spoken with teachers that are hesitant to jump…

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