On the road to autonomous speaking competence – How to use writing mats to effectively support oral communication and proficiency development

Dulliau llafar – trefn addysgu

The Language Gym


  1. Introduction

Writing mats, like the one in the above picture (which I uploaded on the TES last year), can be extremely useful as a means to support oral communication. In fact, I usually refer to them as ‘talking mats’, as I rarely use them to scaffold writing. In this post I intend to show how writing mats like mine can be effectively used to boost oral proficiency in the context of a student-centred learning sequence which implements the teaching approach I have laid out in many of my previous posts and is firmly rooted in Skill-building Theory.

  1. The sequence

Step 1 –Select or create a writing mat. I personally like to create my own mats, but you can find many excellent writing mats on www.tes.com. Mats should be clear, well-structured and contain the L1 translation. Often, writing mats are overambitious as one wants to pack in as…

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