How can we improve the vocabulary knowledge of students?


Class Teaching


Tonight’s 15 Minute Forum was led by English teacher and Literacy Leader, Bridget Norman.  Bridget started by posing two questions:

  • How can we improve the vocabulary knowledge of students?
  • How can we address the deficit of general knowledge and word knowledge which many of our students have?

As a classroom teacher and leader of literacy I am continually returning to the same questions. How can we improve our students’ reading skills. I am realising that we cannot talk about reading in isolation. Consider: talk, general knowledge, subject specific/specialist knowledge, the home lives and contexts of our students. Consider: how we talk to our students, questions we ask them, how we contextualise what we are teaching and relate it to their real worlds. There is a vast array of influences that create us as readers. My work in progress is to create a richer linguistic environment for my students (and the…

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