Three things I learnt from Michaela

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting Michaela Community School in Wembley.  Here are three things that struck me.

1 Free schools can serve a valuable purpose

I can’t think of a better advert for the Free School movement than Michaela.  I’m sure that Michaela’s teachers were highly effective in their previous schools, but clustering this small group of ambitious, creative, passionate and dedicated teachers, all of whom share a strong social purpose and a belief in knowledge-rich education, is enabling these teachers to have a much bigger impact than they could have elsewhere.  Educationalists throughout England and from around the world are visiting Michaela, and other schools in this part of London are looking over their shoulders.  All the while, students at Michaela are receiving an education which I’m convinced will empower them to top universities and beyond.

2 Let teachers teach

When I worked at Burlington Danes Academy…

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