The 7 Stages of Learning a Language: Stage 6



So, let’s recap:

Stage 1, you get yourself 5 questions and answers.

Stage 2, you start listening to recordings of conversations using what you’ve learnt.

Stage 3, you build one new domain-specific conversation.

Stage 4, you introduce a real, live person, and start talking to them for 5 minutes a week.

Stage 5, (once you’ve done 5 cycles through Stages 3 and 4) you start doing bulk, accelerated listening.

By this point, you’ll know that you’re really achieving something.  You’ll be able to feel the increasing ease with which you use what you’ve learnt, and you’ll be testing your limits and finding new ideas for conversation models in your regular weekly conversations.

You don’t need to rush on to Stage 6 – you’ll find that as your weekly conversations become longer, they’ll generate more and more ideas that you’ll want to script into a new…

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