The 7 Stages of Learning a Language: Stage 4




Okay, it’s time to let the magic start…:-)

Here’s what we’ve already done:

Stage 1, you get yourself 5 questions and answers.

Stage 2, you start listening to recordings of conversations using what you’ve learnt.

Stage 3, you build one new domain-specific conversation.

Stage 2 is a slight divergence from what many approaches suggest, and it’ll be hugely valuable for you – but Stage 4 is where you really begin to go off-road.

It’s a bit scary, which is why lots of people end up repeating Stage 3 over and over again until they lose the will to live (seriously – this kind of overload is one of the most common reasons I see for people falling out of love with learning a new language).

But once you get used to it, well, it’s genuinely magic.

Stage 4

In the simplest possible terms, Stage 4 is the introduction…

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