Écoutez Bien – A Listening Journey


Musings from the island

active-listening” I like to listen.  I have learned a great deal from listening. Most people never listen”

I don’t disagree with Ernest Hemmingway’s sentiment but when it comes to GCSE languages most students find it difficult to listen.  They struggle with the speed, the accents and the vocabulary used in listening exams.  I am so often greeted with ” I hate listening exercises Miss, they’re so hard” once again this January, I found myself in exactly that position.  We had finished our controlled assessments and I now had 5 months to finish the syllabus with an aim of concentrating on reading and listening skills.  The fundamental question is; how do you improve the listening skills of your students?  The only answer I can ever really come up with is do lots of it, but as we know lesson after lesson doing nothing but listening preparation is deathly dull.

If practice…

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Gadael Ymateb

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