The 7 Stages of Learning a Language: Stage 3

Dysgu iaith.



Brief recap:

Stage 1, you get yourself 5 questions and answers.

Stage 2, you start listening to recordings of conversations using what you’ve learnt.

Now, Stage 3 is where people often first start to get a bit off track – or, in some cases, permanently adrift.  But I’m going to show you a way to make it all much easier to keep under control, so that you can revisit Stage 3 whenever you need to, without any risk of getting stuck there.

Stage 3

The meat of Stage 3 will seem, initially at least, very similar to Stage 1 – you’re going to be acquiring new words and phrases again.

It’s this process of acquiring new material that can leave you feeling a bit despairing – when does it ever end?! – and uncertain as to what exactly you’re meant to be doing next – just learning new…

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