The 7 Stages of Learning a Language: Stage 2

Dysgu Iaith


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So, you’ve done your initial acquisition in Stage 1 – and although I suggested a very specific way of doing that, you’ll have a comparable initial experience with pretty much any language course you care to try.

Stage 2 may not seem as familiar and predicatable – most language courses find it difficult to steer people through Stage 2, as a result of which many learners end up putting off Stage 2 until ‘later on’.

This isn’t a good idea – because the longer you put off Stage 2, the more of a shock to the system it is when you can’t avoid it any more.

Stage 2

You need to start hearing and understanding what you’ve already learnt to produce.

It’s simple, yes, but it’s not all that easy, especially when you’re just getting started.  You may well be surprised by how ‘off the pace’ you feel if you just…

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