Learning using a Rhythm Mnemonic

Dulliau dysgu.


Last summer I worked with my maths faculty to create our own tailored Mathematics Mastery scheme of work for year 7 specifically. We looked at different scheme of work overviews from different schools and compiled our own. This year it has been really interesting delivering the teaching and learning of it. In this blog post I am going to share an interesting take I took in teaching my bottom Y7 set students the double connection between identifying the number of sides of each 2D regular shape, and identifying the name of a regular 2D shape by stating the number of sides of the shape in question. 


I used a rhythm mnemonic which was inspired from a visit at Michaela Community School as this is a technique used to embed factual knowledge in students’ long term memory.

So here it goes:

Triangle, Triangle, Triangle(Hold three fingers each time)


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Gadael Ymateb

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