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My role is the Director of Inclusion (DOI). I love my job and what I do… I value my team and their commitment to each and every single student. What being a DOI means to me and what I think I do, is explained here in an earlier blog.

I have also written about the fact that I think education is the best therapy that some of our most disadvantaged (<– blog about Pupil Premium students), and vulnerable (<– blog about some difficulties our students face), pupils can receive.

My role coincides with the Deputy Heads role- who is the pastoral lead and in charge of behaviour and safety. He makes the final call on all fixed term exclusions. (FTE.) (This is in accordance to section 579(1) of the Education Act 1996 is under the authority of the Head Teacher.) The procedure in our school is such that any FTE request is discussed

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Gadael Ymateb

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