Twitter for CPD

Defnyddio trydar – cyngor a syniadau gwych.


Notes to accompany CPD session 05/03/15.

Is Twitter useful for CPD?

I’ll admit I was a bit sceptical at first but @MrHumanities talked me into signing up to Twitter for professional use at my first Teachmeet in December 2013 so I’ve been on for just over a year and I’ve gone from cynic to enthused convert. Mainly for predictable reasons but for some unexpected ones too…

I’ve seen lots of great ideas that inspire me; I like a boost to keep my enthusiasm high and Twitter has been a source of great positivity.

Twitter keeps me informed of events, particularly Teachmeets, happening in the local area. More on why I love Teachmeetshere.

I find that if you want to discuss ideas there’s a load of educators to engage with.

I’ve also discovered @EduBookChatUKwhich is where fellow educational literature geeks meet to reflect and discuss their recent reading.

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