DIRTy SOLO and marking every lesson.

Marcio a Solo


When the going gets tough…. The year 10 GCSE science students in my recently acquired group are stuck on D grade – they give very simplistic answers with unconnected reasoning, and they have poor metalanguage skills.  So in order to help this challenging class become better learners I am trialling three strategies, ideas shamelessly stolen from much better and generous practitioners…. Firstly SOLO taxonomy, from the marvellous work by Pam Hook @arti_choke, pamhook.com.  I found Pam by reading SOLO heaven on Stephen Tierney’s blog @leadinglearner . A few teachers at school have dabbled with SOLO but it is not widely used. The more complex SOLO terminology of pre-structural and relational etc. will be drip-fed into the lessons over time as more students become receptive to working with me to improve their knowledge. I took the SOLO diagrams which perfectly illustrate what students need to do to move further forwards in…

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Gadael Ymateb

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