Where are the eductional bloggers in Wales?

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I’ve been using Twitter for a year or more and I am shocked at how few Welsh/English blogs there are about education in Wales. Maybe I’m following the incorrect people and there are a huge number of blogs about education in Wales in cyber space somewhere and I haven’t seen them! However, it strikes me that teachers in Wales do not have as much of a voice compared to England, America, Australia and Canada the endless and constant bustle discussing policy, methods of learning, teaching, ideas, resources and pedagogy across Twitter.

Ive been looking at #addcym and #ukedchat (There are hundreds of ‘ed’ related hashtags from all over the world – mind blowing stuff!!!!) over the past few days and it is clear that teachers in Wales do not share ideas and good practice in the same way or to the same limit as America, Australia, Canada and England. This is something negative in my opinion as I am sure there is superb work going on in schools in Wales and it’s time we started discussing education, teaching and learning, pedagogy and really support each other; especially on the eve of the proposed changes following Professor Donaldson’s Report.

I am extremely grateful to people like Mr G Wall @ MrGWallCymraeg, Richard Carbis@CarbisRichard and Damian Benney@Benneypenyheol for their pioneering by sharing interesting, relevant and comprehensive blogs regarding issues of education and pedagogy. I therefore call on all teachers in Wales to follow their example!

A blog is easy to write and there is lots of help and advice available on Twitter to get you started! Create a free account with wordpress.com and start writing and sharing your experiences, comments, opinions and ideas about education and join in this vital discussion. Explore the blogs that are already available and respond. You will be amazed at what you find! It is the best CPD you will ever get!!

The benefits include time to reflect on your own practice, sharing good practice with others, discussing  the endless changes, networking, connecting learning communities throughout the nation and supporting each other to improve education and the opportunities for all the children in Wales. Surely there are pockets of expertise in our Welsh and English medium schools that could help to transform practice for the benefit of staff and students.

Blogging and using social media such as Twitter and Facebook are such an easy way to network and are particularly effective in producing networks across the whole of Wales.

I am called on teachers in Wales to start blogging about anything and everything under the sun regarding Welsh education and to Tweet them using the hash-tag #addcym to gather everything together. Follow #addcym to see messages, blogs, news, resources and ideas to support you. Follow #AddCAi for Second Language Welsh subject specific ideas, resources and information.

If you want to discuss this further, follow Barrington J Mock @barringtonjmock

Good luck, happy blogging and remember to sharing is a social practice.


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