Where are the eductional bloggers in Wales?

Y Byd a'r Betws - Blog B J Mock

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I’ve been using Twitter for a year or more and I am shocked at how few Welsh/English blogs there are about education in Wales. Maybe I’m following the incorrect people and there are a huge number of blogs about education in Wales in cyber space somewhere and I haven’t seen them! However, it strikes me that teachers in Wales do not have as much of a voice compared to England, America, Australia and Canada the endless and constant bustle discussing policy, methods of learning, teaching, ideas, resources and pedagogy across Twitter.

Ive been looking at #addcym and #ukedchat (There are hundreds of ‘ed’ related hashtags from all over the world – mind blowing stuff!!!!) over the past few days and it is clear that teachers in Wales do not share ideas and good practice in the same way or to the same limit as America, Australia, Canada and England. This…

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