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FSM ac adborth



Here is the PP I went through with my staff linking to this post giving some ideas of how to turn QFT into practice.

(Thanks to people from my Personal Learning Network whose images/ideas I have read and encapsulated into this presentation!)

This blog is to support the post I have written about Pupil Premium students. In it I will discuss some top tips for.. raising the achievement of Disadvantaged Pupils: Naturally, these suggestions/ideas apply for ALL students.


This is a write up of the document I am sending out to all staff to help assist in our major priority in line with our most recent Section 5 Ofsted report. (I blogged about that here.)

Dear Team,

As you are aware our key groups of students are:

  • Pupil Premium & Pupil Premium Plus- PP
  • Free School Meals- FSM
  • Special Educational Needs- K/S

Our big change:


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Gadael Ymateb

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