To Blog or Not To Blog

Blogio – cyngor defnyddiol iawn. Blogging – very useful advice
Diolch Thank you


That is the question. Is it better to have blogged and not been read or never to have blogged at all?

Notes to accompany CPD session 05/03/15

Blogging: is it for me?

To start with I’m going to explore some of the positives and negatives of blogging. Looking at why some people choose to blog and some people don’t.

There’ll be many more reasons than the ones I offer but this is intended to explore the issue rather than produce an encyclopaedia of reasons.


Reflective Practice: I personally enjoy blogging as a way to look back at projects I’ve tried and tease out the finer points and explore how I could improve those ideas. If I wasn’t blogging I’d still reflect but I think it places these reflections under more intense personal scrutiny.

Feedback: You will get comments; some positive and some negative. From time to time…

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