Teach Like a Pencampwyr (Review of TLaC 2.0)

I have ordered mine!


“There is a right and wrong time and place for all of the tools, and their effective application will always fall to the unique style and vision of great teachers” Doug Lemov TLaC2

This blog is intended to be a review of Doug Lemov’s book Teach Like a Champion 2. I must be clear that this is review of the book and not a review of Uncommmon Schools or KIPP Schools. I appreciate that these schools can divide opinion (certainly on the twittershpere this side of the Atlantic). Videos, almost certainly out of context, can be argued that they portray a “cold”, controlling school experience for the pupils that attend. This is strongly contrasted by the results these schools produce and the rave reviews many visitors have given (@ManYanaEd and @HFletcherWood to name 2). I would only ever comment on an Uncommon or Kipp School if I had actually…

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