Piagetian Programs, Metacognition and Solo Taxonomy

SOLO Taxonomy 😊

Dragonfly Training

Author: Steve Garnett, @Garnett_S

Dragonfly-Training RfL Course:

When delivering a recent Research for Learning (RfL) focused CPD session I was asked by a delegate, ‘Steve, what on earth is a Piagetian Program all about?’. The reason for the question was clear. This delegate had done her reading and knew in Professor John Hattie’s book ‘Visible Learning for Teachers‘ that ‘Piagetian Programs’ was second in his list of 138 interventions that affect student achievement.

Hattie Piagetian Programs

The answer lies in a teacher seeking to understand where a pupil is in their level of thinking and then challenging a student to go beyond that level through a process described as ‘cognitive acceleration‘. Hattie suggests that ‘being aware of the student’s stage and his/her movement through the levels of thinking is among the most critical sources of knowledge’. This critical source of knowledge is for the teacher who can…

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